Here goes…

Per your requests, I’ve started my very own blog!  It’s okay – calm down.  I know how exciting this is for all of you, especially Isaac.

Alright, here goes my self-indulgent attempt at describing my life in France.

I’ve now been in France for almost 2 weeks.  It’s been… interesting.

My mom and I arrived in Paris last Thursday at about 7am.  I had big plans to venture out into the city and see all that Paris had to offer.  Instead, I ventured into a bakery, realized how poor my French was when the lady impatiently demanded my order, thrust the baked goods at me, then demanded my money.  I had only been in France for a couple of hours and already I had a language-induced headache.  I went back to the Paris apartment and promptly fell asleep.  For like 8 hours.  Finally, my mom and I ventured back out into the city to get some dinner, which took 3 hours, then went to the Arc de Triomphe and wandered down the Champs Elysées.  We lucked into arriving on a Thursday, when all of the stores stay open really late.  So, we got to shop until about midnight!  At first, I thought that this meant that stores generally stay open really late, but no.  Just on Thursdays.

For the remainder of our time in Paris, I continued to sleep a lot (I’ve been fighting a horrible cold for a couple of weeks now) and tried to do as much sight-seeing as I could.  We visited the Moulin Rouge, which was very cool, even though we didn’t get to see a show there because they were much too expensive.  We also went to the Eiffel Tower, though we were only go up to the second level because the top was closed.  And, of course, we spent an entire day in the Louvre.  I planned on only staying there for a couple of hours, but the time flew by and a whole day had passed.  And yet we still missed an entire level!

For now, I’m heading to dinner with Colton and Cynthia.  We’re going to cook in her apartment.  I’ll write about Lyon tomorrow or later this evening.

Miss you all!


5 thoughts on “Here goes…

  1. Amelie says:

    Oh la la! Sounds like you’re off to a good start, and dealing well with a lot of the overwhelming parts of living abroad (or so I’ve heard… i’ve never done it). I hope you start feeling better! I bet they have wonderful tea (thé?) in france, which will get you over your cold right away.

    PS You look great in your pictures! And we really do miss you a lot here.


  2. Gretchen says:

    Love the blog! I think I also frustrated a cashier in a French bakery too. I thought I was ordering a pretzel with raisins but instead it was bacon. It was the best pretzel I ever ate.


  3. carrie says:

    SHOPPING TIL MIDNIGHT! Why stop at Thursdays???? The picture of you with the umbrella (at the Louvre) is lovely. I miss you Miss Jacque.


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