Life in Lyon

After spending four days in a tiny apartment in Paris, my mom and I boarded a ridiculously early train bound for Lyon last Monday.  We almost missed our train because I had to go to four different counters to try to figure out who could print my tickets, but I finally got our tickets, we raced to the train, and boarded just in time.  It’s a good thing we weren’t late – when mom left last weekend, a woman arrived just after they had closed the doors (but before the train had started moving) and the guards at the station kept yelling at her, “Vous êtes trop tard!  Vous êtes trop tard!” You are too late!  You are too late! So, we made it on time, struggled to carry all of our my massive luggage onto the train, and then waited the two hours until we arrived at my new home.

Fortunately for us, Colton was waiting for us when we arrived in Lyon and helped us carry our my luggage into the taxi and instructed the taxi where to take us.  I am now staying in a little studio with a loft.  It’s very cute, and very small.  Essentially, very European.  It has a tiny kitchen (if you can call it that, which consists of a sink, a microwave, and a burner), a bathroom with very hot water and a towel warmer (I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to living without that), a small living area with a futon-type couch and a tv, and then a bedroom upstairs in the loft.  It works perfectly for me.  It’s a little pricey, but it’s fully furnished, so it saved me from having to buy necessities like dishes and pans and such.

Since I’ve arrived in Lyon, I’ve done little sightseeing.  I have seen the town square (Bellecour), with a giant statute of Louis XIV, the two main shopping streets, and a couple of markets with independent vendors.  There is actually a fair amount to do in Lyon because it’s the home of the author of Le Petit Prince and the creator of Punch and Judy.  So, there are a number of museums I will have to check out.  I just haven’t done that yet.

On my first day in Lyon, I attended two hours of orientation, which consisted of a description of some of the history of Lyon.  I was supposed to attend orientation the rest of the week, but I decided to skip it in favor of sleeping and spending more time with mom while she was here.  I really enjoyed her visit and was very sad to see her leave here last Saturday.

On Sunday, Cynthia and I went to a produce market, which is apparently the best place to buy fresh food items.  While food is generally much more expensive here (a dinner for two is typically between 40€ and 60€!), I was able to buy 20 clementine oranges, 20 large organic carrots and 3 large zucchini for just 4€10!  Then we went to a crèperie and I had a complèt crèpe, which had ham and cheese, and was topped by an egg.  It was delicious!

I attended my first two hours of class yesterday, which was interesting.  The subject is international copyright law, which could be a good topic, but the professor who teaches it has such a strong accent that it took me at least ten minutes to figure out that he was saying “author’s right” and not “also right.”  I don’t think that bodes well for that class.  The scheduling here is kind of strange, so now I’m off until Friday.

Today, I went to an indoor market with Colton and Cynthia and had a nice lunch.  Then, Cynthia offended the waiter by asking to take her leftovers with her.  The French find that very tacky.  He was clearly offended, but he did it for her anyway.  Then, I got a nice looking dessert on my way out of the market, which I will enjoy later.  Here are some pictures of Lyon for you to enjoy.  Maybe this will spark in interest in some of you and you’ll want to come visit… 🙂  I have that couch/futon to sleep on!

Also, the picture at the top of the page is a panoramic shot of Lyon.  I didn’t take it, but it gives you an idea of what the city is like.


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