Il a neigé!

I had a new experience in Lyon this week – it snowed!  I’ve been doing a terrible job of predicting what the weather will be like, and I keep ending up wearing the wrong jacket.  The day it snowed was no exception.  I did not think it would be super cold on Thursday, so I wore my lightest jacket.  Then, of course, it snowed!  I am not a fan of that white stuff falling from the sky unless I can go skiing.  Since that was not an option this week, the snow was really wasted and I did not enjoy walking to and from the metro in it.  Gross.  And cold.  Yuck.

It hasn’t snowed since, but it has been so darn cold!  I swear I have never been so cold in my life!  Today, it got down to -7° C.  I may have to go buy some new clothes just to stay warm!  I do have my eye on a very French hat, which I think I will go buy this week to keep my head warm!  (Totally necessary, right?)

On my day off on Thursday, I had lunch with Colton and Cynthia (henceforth referred to as C²).  We cooked a frozen pizza – very exciting, I know – in Cynthia’s oven.  Then, we went to a concert held at the university.  The musicians were a trio, with a violin, cello and piano, and they played some wonderful classical music.

After the concert, I slipped and slid my way home in the freezing wind and snow and bundled myself up in blankets at home for the rest of the afternoon.

That evening, I attempted to cook dinner in my minuscule apartment for the first time.  It worked just fine, but I’m going to have to get imaginative because my one dinner idea is going to get old very fast.  I sauteed veggies and shrimp.  It was good, but could definitely have benefited from some soy sauce or seasoning.

On Friday, I skyped with Isaac in the morning, then was stuck in class from noon until 5pm.  The class was European Law and Policy.  I could understand this professor much better than the first (she’s British), but she requires a lot of group projects, and we all know how I feel about that.  So, it’ll be interesting.  Also, 50% of the grade is participation.  Gross.

After class, Cynthia and I met up to wander around town and grab dinner.

Today (Saturday), I went to the Marché Plus for some groceries, then met up with C² for some dinner.  We went to a small Lyonnaise restaurant where I had a shrimp muffin for an appetizer (trés bizarre), a duck tarte for dinner, and a fondant chocolat (chocolate molten lava cake) for dessert.  It was delicious!  Food may be very pricey here, but at least it’s good!  C² were heading off to a play (the title of which roughly translated to “My wife is making me into a sextoy” – seriously), but I skipped that and headed home.

Well, wasn’t this an exciting blog entry? (Perhaps this is what Isaac meant when he said I wasn’t clever/witty enough to have a blog…)  I have a full day planned for tomorrow, so hopefully after that I’ll have more exciting things to discuss.  Also, Colton and I are headed to the opera on Monday night, which I’m sure will be awesome.

Miss you all!


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