Marseille Day 2 – Part 2

So, I survived the final (barely) and was able to watch the Superbowl – which was highly entertaining.  There is just nothing like hearing the announcers call out “Oh la la!” during a touch down and discuss “le running back.”  Seriously hilarious.

Anyway, back to Marseille.

After we left the abbey, we wandered around the waterfront and made our way to another church.

Front of the church.

I have no idea what it was called (and it was closed on the Monday so we couldn’t go in), but it was very pretty.

Side view of the church.

This is also apparently right next to where cruise ships dock – so, if any of you take a cruise that stops in France, there’s a good chance you’ll see this up on the hill.

This is also the church that bikers apparently attend.

After we admired the church, we walked through the streets of the old Marseille area (le Panier), and admired the very cute streets.

The "Street of Little Puddles."

Colton loved the name of this street – Le Rue du Petit Puits (The Street of Little Puddles).  It was very cute.

Next, we visited the Centre de la Vielle Charité Hospice, which (I just learned from wikipedia) used to serve essentially as a prison for poor people.  Beggars were “housed” here and found jobs as domestic servants and such in the 1700s.

Hospice de Vielle Charité

In the 19th century, this was used as an asylum for vagrants and the “dispossessed.”  This better usage was the only one advertised on the plaque at the Centre, just so you know.  Nothing like selective history, right?

We stopped here at a little café and enjoyed some Coca Light.

After leaving here, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the evening’s activities – a concert with Juan Diego Florez, an opera singer with whom Colton is madly in love.  We got dressed up (couldn’t have Colton being embarassed in front of his true love) and then headed out to dinner…

Our classy dinner.

at the Quick Burger.  That’s right – fast food (Colton’s choice).  Nothing says “We’re off to the opera” like a dinner at Quick!  I’ve been told they have good food, but I can tell you that their chicken nuggets are disgusting.  Seriously gross.  Now I know.

Then, back to the opera house to hear the amazing Juan Diego Florez.

Colton was downright giddy!

The concert was spectacular.  After the concert, Colton made me stand outside of the theatre at the artist entrance for a very long time, waiting to meet Juan Diego Florez.  Colton desperately wanted an autograph and photo with the man.  So, we waited.  And waited.  And waited.  During our wait, Colton made friends with some of the other Juan Diego Florez fans – older Italian ladies.  Let’s face it – all of the fans for Juan Diego Florez were older Italian ladies.  We kind of stuck out like a sore thumb.

Hanging out with the other JDF fans.

Finally, the doors opened up and we got to go in and meet the star.  We got autographs (I gave mine to Colton) and Colton got a picture with his hero.

JDF and Colton

After we meet Juan, we headed back to our hotel.  I forewent sleep to take advantage of the bath tub (of course) and then we headed out early the next morning to get to class by 10am.

Phew – the Marseille trip is finally finished.  Next up: the tortures of my first foreign law school exam, beautiful weather, a couple of picnics, and some Roman ruins.  I’m keeping busy!


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