Happy Valentine’s Day!

We all know how I feel about this day, but I hope you’ve all had a wonderful, sickeningly sweet day with friends, family and loved ones.  🙂

As for me, I spent the day in class.  Five hours of class.  I really enjoyed the professor and the topic (Internet and Digital Copyright Law), but five hours is much too much.  Anyway, I survived.  And after the class, I was given a free pastry by my baker friend.  It made me smile.  The neighborhood baker is this older gentleman who likes to make fun of my lack of language skills.  Actually, at first, he seemed to just get really annoyed with me each time I entered the store, but he’s slowly come around.  He’s now really friendly (maybe that’s what happens after he watches you get proposed to by a random stranger in the bakery one day).  He smiles at me whenever I pass the store and gave me my free treat today!  Of course, now this means that I feel guilty going to any other bakeries, but that’s okay!

Then I spent a quiet evening at home cooking dinner and watching Grey’s Anatomy, Season 2.  Pretty exciting Valentine’s Day, n’est-ce pas?

This weekend was even more exciting – let me tell you.  I didn’t leave the apartment a single time because I was stuck writing a paper for Comparative Criminal Law and taking a final for EU Law and Policy.  I bet you all wish you were studying abroad now, don’t you?

Anyway, just wanted to wish you all a wonderful “holiday.”  Love you all!

Bellecour on a beautiful night


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