Almost the end…

After we got back to Lyon on Saturday, March 5th, we rested and then met up with Cynthia to get some crêpes!  I didn’t want Isaac to leave without having a traditional crêpe dinner.  So, we wandered into Vieux Lyon and enjoyed a leisurely dinner of savory crêpes with sweet crêpes for dessert.  Yum!

Then, on Sunday morning, I decided we all had to go the market.  So, Isaac and I met up with Cynthia again and wandered around the market for at least an hour, getting all sorts of wonderful fresh fruits and produce, a freshly roasted chicken, and some fabulous bread and cheese.  We lucked out and had fantastic weather.  I think Isaac really enjoyed market.

Me and Cynthia at the market.

After the market, we went back to Cynthia’s house to enjoy the fresh chicken, roasted potatoes, bread and cheese.  Also, Cynthia had recently told me about this amazing French dessert called a clafouti.  After looking up a couple of recipes online, I’d been eager to bake one.  So, we selected this recipe and baked one up that Sunday afternoon.

The clafouti!

It was delicious!  It’s sort of like a flan with fruit in it.  I can’t wait to get home and try different variations of this recipe.  It made for a perfect dessert for our Sunday meal.

On Monday, Isaac and I went on our European skiing adventure.  I had been hesitant to go skiing because it seemed like it would be a hassle.  But, Isaac bullied me into it.  And, to be honest, even though we all know how I hate to admit this, I’m glad he did.

We had rented our ski gear on Sunday evening at a place a few blocks from my apartment.  We then caught a bus near Bellecour on Monday morning at 6:30am (eeks!).  We rode on the bus for three hours (where I enjoyed a nice nap) and then arrived at L’Alpe d’Huez Ski Resort at about 9:30am.  It was absolutely beautiful!

Snow, mountains and sunny weather!

We met a nice French guy on the bus who spoke perfect English and he accompanied us on our first run, showing us the ropes.  I rode in my first gondola!  We also went on a run which supposedly has the highest vertical assent in all of Europe.

Isaac seems to spend a lot of time sitting when we go skiing...

Bundled up and ready for some skiing!

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be dressed warmly enough, but I actually found that I was overdressed for the unseasonably warm weather we found on the mountain.  Actually, this ski resort claims that it has 300 days of sun each year – I’m so glad we didn’t end up there on one of the non-sunny days!

I went overboard with the photos (as usual) because it was so darn pretty.

After skiing for a few hours, we took a lunch break.  And, of course, because we’re in France, the lunch break took a good two hours, minimum.

Perfect lunch setting!

We chose an outdoor restaurant so we could continue soaking up the sun!  Instead of in the US, where you would go up to a counter and order your food, this was a full-service restaurant.

Enjoying some Vitamin D!

Isaac got his beer, I got my coca light, and we both got some sun!  It was absolutely fantastic.  I even got a delicious gourmet dessert!

I have to learn how to make these molton lava soufle things...

Finally, after our long leisurely lunch, we headed back up to the slopes.

The weather kept getting better and better.

After a couple more hours of skiing, we had to head back to the bus to head home.

Our bus.

We met back up at 4pm, and were on the road by 4:30ish.

Parting shot of the resort.

We arrived back in Lyon just after 7pm.  It was truly a perfect day.  I wish Isaac had had a longer stay so we could have squeezed some more skiing in.  (I know, I know, I tried to talk him out of this at first…)

In my next post, I’ll cover the last day of his trip.  Stay tuned!



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