Easing me in?

I’ve now worked at the firm for 4 weeks. During that time, I’ve worked on a number of smaller projects, in many different issues, including school law, land use, bankruptcy, general litigation, etc. It’s been pretty peaceful, with me having to stay no later than 7pm on a week day and having very little to do over the weekends (like billing .3 hours one weekend, .7 another). This weekend, though… that’s another story.

I’ve been working with a couple of partners on a legal memo for a client. I submitted the first draft last Monday, got feedback on it Tuesday from one of the partners, made the necessary corrections and submitted it to the other partner that afternoon. That partner made additional comments (like, a LOT of additional comments), gave the feedback to the first partner, who then passed them on to me. On Friday afternoon. Demanding a fully edited version no later than Monday. And supplying a large stack of cases that should be read and incorporated into the memo. By Monday.

Oy. So, that’s what I’m spending my lovely Sunday doing.  So much for a lazy Sunday watching football…  At least I know there’s enough work for me, though! That’s job security, right?


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