Home Inspection… check!

Today, I had my very first home inspection of THE house.  I went in quite anxious as 1) I’ve never bought a house before, so this is my first home inspection and 2) the house was built in 1926, so there is no telling how many problems could exist.

I waited anxiously (not quite pacing, but almost) while the inspector roamed and roamed, looking at every possible issue.  And… there are very few issues!  There are, of course, small things that will have to be addressed over time, like outlets that need to be replaced, screens that are torn, and a water heater that may die in the next couple of years.  But, for a house that is 86 years old, I say those are pretty minor.  My realtor said that on a scale of 1 to 10, this inspection was an 8.  I can live with an 8!  We had the sewer system inspected, too, and it needs to have some work done.  So, we’re going to ask the sellers to work with us on that one.  We’ll see if they will.  Either way, though, this house, for all intents and purposes, is OURS!

I’m so excited.  And so in love with this house.  Is it weird that I’m madly in love with a building?  Probably.  That’s okay.  I take joy in clean desks, new office supplies, and arguing motions in court and I fall in love with buildings.  I’m marrying a city planner who likes analyzing city ordinances and reviewing building plans and dreams of being a treasure hunter.  We all have our quirks.

THE house, in pictures:

The living room, looking into the dining room. This is the room that first sold me.


The kitchen (about three times the size of our current kitchen).


Double oven!

I was determined to have a double oven, so the fact that this kitchen already had one was just further indication that this is THE house.

Master bedroom.


Master bath.


The backyard.

While we don’t have kids yet, this house clearly works for a family – the people moving out have two young boys.

I’m really looking forward to settling down in this beautiful home, beginning our life together, and starting a family.  Wedding planning and house buying has been stressful lately, but it’s really coming together and I’m just so darn excited.



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