Today, I won my first opposed motion!

I’ve known forever that I wanted to be a litigator.  Maybe it was the Matlock I watched as a kid (or the Perry Mason)*, but I always had dreams of standing up in front of the court room arguing points.  While it’s quite a bit different than I imagined it, winning is pretty much exactly as satisfying as I thought it would be.

I’ve had this case for months now, and it should have been simple.  It’s a simple motion to vacate a default judgment (that’s what the partner who handed me the case told me anyway).  No big deal.  But, because of procedural issues, I’ve been bumped back and forth between superior court and district court four times now.  I’ve now argued the same motion three times without any decision being made because of complications.  But today!  Today I actually got a verdict.  Today I won!  Huzah!  This being a motion to vacate means that there will inevitably be more proceedings where I will actually have to defend against the suit, but it still feels quite good to come out with a win for the day.  And each time I stand in front of the judge, I get a little more comfortable with it, and a little less nervous.  This case has been a pain, and will continue to be one I’m sure, but I can be thankful that this case has at least given me numerous opportunities to stand in front of the judge, bringing me one small step closer to being an actual Litigator.

I am headed to the theatre tonight to see Beauty and the Beast with my mom, which is another point in the win column for today.  I’ll hold on to those wins while I get back to reviewing discovery documents (oh the life of a first year associate) and dreaming of the house I get to start decorating pretty soon.**


* I know.  As a kid I watched reruns of Matlock, Perry Mason, the Golden Girls, and even Designing Women.  I’d blame the fact that I lived with my grandparents for part of that time, but I don’t even think that’s it.  I’m just weird.  I’ve accepted it.  On the plus side, I’m fantastic at trivia questions on old shows!  🙂

** My current obsession is backsplashes.  Oh backsplashes!  The possibilities!  I’m thinking subway tile will really brighten up my new kitchen…


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