Kids Clothes Week – Day 2

For my second day of KCW, I decided to embrace the “go wild” theme.  So, I made a onesie with a giraffe print knit I recently received from Girl Charlee in their April KnitFix.


I used the free pattern (yay for another free pattern!) from Omi Creates.  It’s available here.  It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, though the instructions on the shoulder seems were a little unclear.  I made the body of the pattern exactly as written, but changed the binding construction a bit.  I actually bound all of the outside edges with the knit binding to make for a cleaner (and seemingly more comfortable) finished project.  The armholes I finished off with a cuff, rather than the binding approach.  I used my serger for as many seems as possible (though still had to use my regular machine to stitch down the binding on the top and bottom).


I think it came out super cute!  The binding was a little tough to deal with as my binding fabric (also from Girl Charlee in my KnitFix) did not have quite as much stretch as the pattern requires.  But it still worked – it just required a little effort and a lot of stretching on my part.



S’s movements don’t seem to be hampered by his new onesie — so I’ll call this a success!  The size is a little big on him (supposed to be for a 6-month old and he just turned 5 months old today), but that just means he (and his brother) can wear it a while longer.

I think I’ll try a different onesie pattern next.  Maybe this one?





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