Grainline Archer

Guys, I’m pretty proud of this one.


I’ve (finally) made myself an Archer from Grainline Studio.  I bought this pattern back in February of 2014, after seeing amazing button-up shirts pop up all over the internet.  I immediately traced out the pattern, cut out my fabric, and got to work.  Then, I got pregnant and this pattern got put on hold until I could actually wear it again (for some reason, button ups don’t go well with growing bellies…).  About a week ago, I decided it was about time I finish up my shirt.


When I left off last year, I had only had the collar, cuffs, hemming and buttons/buttonholes left to do, so this was a pretty quick project when I picked it up again.

And now I have a new button-up shirt!  The fabric is an Italian shirting from Pacific Fabrics.  I made a straight size 10.  I think I’ll make a few adjustments to my next Archer (and oh yes, there will be a next one – I’m already trying to decide what type of fabric I should use.  I was thinking plaid, but now I kind of want a lace one after seeing this one).


For the next one, I plan to take in the sides a little bit for a more fitted fit and shorten the sleeves. I could probably go down at least one size, but I have fairly broad shoulders and I don’t want the shirt to be too tight when I move my arms.

Just a tad too long...

I’ll have to wear this one with the sleeves rolled up since the sleeves are so long, but it’s not too bad for a pattern with no alterations.  I learned tons of things making this shirt (flat felling seems, buttonholes, plackets…). I just hope I can remember how to do those things when I make my next one.  My husband is now requesting I make him some shirts, so I have a feeling I will be making a lot of button-up shirts in the future.  Now I just need to find a good guys’ shirt pattern…