Kids Clothes Week – Day 2

For my second day of KCW, I decided to embrace the “go wild” theme.  So, I made a onesie with a giraffe print knit I recently received from Girl Charlee in their April KnitFix.


I used the free pattern (yay for another free pattern!) from Omi Creates.  It’s available here.  It’s a pretty straightforward pattern, though the instructions on the shoulder seems were a little unclear.  I made the body of the pattern exactly as written, but changed the binding construction a bit.  I actually bound all of the outside edges with the knit binding to make for a cleaner (and seemingly more comfortable) finished project.  The armholes I finished off with a cuff, rather than the binding approach.  I used my serger for as many seems as possible (though still had to use my regular machine to stitch down the binding on the top and bottom).


I think it came out super cute!  The binding was a little tough to deal with as my binding fabric (also from Girl Charlee in my KnitFix) did not have quite as much stretch as the pattern requires.  But it still worked – it just required a little effort and a lot of stretching on my part.



S’s movements don’t seem to be hampered by his new onesie — so I’ll call this a success!  The size is a little big on him (supposed to be for a 6-month old and he just turned 5 months old today), but that just means he (and his brother) can wear it a while longer.

I think I’ll try a different onesie pattern next.  Maybe this one?




Kids Clothes Week – Day 1

For the first time ever, I can participate in Kids Clothes Week!  It’s about time I started making some garments for these baby boys of mine, and Kids Clothes Week is just the motivation I need.

For those not aware, Kids Clothes Week is a challenge to spend one hour each day for seven days sewing clothes for kids.  Even I can handle one hour per day (or at least I should be able to handle it… some days even an hour seems impossible).  The theme of this season’s Kids Clothes Week (this challenge happens four times a year) is wild things.  I didn’t really stick to the theme yesterday, but the babies I was dressing are pretty wild in and of themselves, so I’m counting it.  🙂

Anyway, the first day of the challenge was a success!  I made two pairs of baby pants.  And fortunately, I have two willing models to show them off.  I used the Made by Rae Just Hatched Leggings pattern.  I was looking for a basic knit pants pattern and this fit the bill.  Plus it was free!

First up, some basic grey pants.


I made this pair exactly as the pattern was written, with ribbed cuffs and an elastic waist.  The fabric was just fabric I had in my stash.

Then a green pair with white cuffs.  The fabric for this one was also from my stash.


For this pair, I decided to try to use ribbing for the waistband, rather than an elastic waist.  I wanted to do this just because I thought the pants looked a little odd with just white cuffs – I wanted to bring more white into the outfit.

Unfortunately, though, I didn’t cut the waistband ribbing small enough, so the pants aren’t very snug around the waist.  I think I’ll take off the waistband and try again, because I do really like the look of the ribbing at the waist.  Maybe I’ll just put some elastic into the ribbing to cinch it up a little tighter (and take some fabric off of the top part of the pants since I didn’t factor the extra length of the ribbing into the pattern itself).

Overall, I really liked the pattern – it was a super quick make (especially with my serger).  I think I’ll make more pairs in the future, with some small tweaks to the pattern.  Namely, I will make the legs wider so that they are more like pants and less like leggings.  I will also play around with having the ribbed waistband.

And these pants were basically free – free pattern and fabric from my stash.  It doesn’t get much better than free clothes!