In limbo…

As I wait until I start work (I still don’t have a start date, but it will be around the beginning of October) and wait to find out if I’m actually an attorney, I have a lot of time to kill. I’m in this strange limbo stage where I just wait. And wait.

To distract myself from the waiting, though, I’ve kept myself quite busy. I’ve been doing a lot of crafting (and considering opening an online etsy store to sell some of those crafts). Most recently, I finished an afghan for my mom:

Star shapped afghan

Now I’m going to start working on my quilting skills by finishing up a quilt I began back in college (only 8 years later…) and by creating some purses and coin purses.

In other news, I attended a beautiful wedding on Whidbey Island for a friend from my theatre life.

Wedding at a farm on Whidbey.

The ceremony and reception were both lovely.


I’ve also spent a few days working on Isaac’s house, which he’s going to rent out since he moved up to Seattle with me. I spent a couple of days removing wall paper from his kitchen, which was hideous. It now looks so much better!

From this:

Lovely apple wallpaper...

to this:

Wallpaper gone, waiting to be painted...

to this!


I picked a darker blue color, but Isaac decided it was too dark, so they went with this light color. It’s definitely an improvement!

I also spent a weekend watching Ike play basketball with his buddies from college, which was great, as always.

He shoots, he scores!

The plan for this week: more crafting and (hopefully) my first (and likely last) camping trip of the year!! Wahoo!