Tuck Tuck Tuck

I suck at blogging. When I have time to blog, I can’t think of anything interesting to say, and when I have marginally interesting things to say, I have no time. Eh, I’ll give this a try again anyway.

Lately, my life has been filled with work, trying on wedding dresses, and the Bar Method classes. I just started taking the Bar Method classes last week in an attempt to finally get in shape and feel better about myself. I’d been going to the gym fairly regularly and doing cardio, but wasn’t seeing enough results to keep me motivated. Hopefully, the Bar Method will give me the results I need so I can force myself to keep doing it.  So far, I’m pretty into it – I’m getting used to hearing “tuck, tuck, tuck!” each morning at 6am and feeling sore for the next few hours.

Thursday was my first day and it was pretty rough. I struggled through the whole hour, trying to figure out what each move was supposed to look like and which part of my body I was supposed to focus on at the time. I definitely felt like every inch of my body had received a workout by the time class let out. And at the end of class, I realized I hadn’t thought about work once or worried about anything except getting through the class for that whole hour. To me, that’s reason enough to keep going. I bit the bullet at the end of class and signed up for the new member month special and I’m trying to go as often as possible. I ended up going three times last week and had my second class of this week today. I’m on a roll! The only day I’ve taken off since I started was Sunday, which was a nice break. They say you should start seeing results within the first couple of months. So, here’s hoping I’m looking better when the engagement photos come around at the end of next month!

In other news, I went to get an allergy test yesterday because I’ve been reacting badly to a number of foods. The good news is that I don’t have any food allergies. The bad news is that I might have Celiac. So, the doctor suggested cutting out all gluten for the next couple of weeks to see if that helps. Holy cow, gluten is in everything! Cutting out gluten will be worth it if I start feeling better, but oh man, I’m going to miss those wheat products! Last night, as I looked through the fridge, I realized Ike and I eat massive amounts of gluten each day. The only thing I could eat last night was a salad! Even my beloved black bean burgers have gluten in them. So sad. I’m sure it’ll get easier, but man, it’s going to be a huge adjustment. On the plus side, less carbs will probably help me get in shape faster, too!

Okay, back to trying to figure out what I can have for lunch work.  Tonight, Ike and I are meeting his half-sister for the first time.  Exciting!