Kids Clothes Week – Day 1

For the first time ever, I can participate in Kids Clothes Week!  It’s about time I started making some garments for these baby boys of mine, and Kids Clothes Week is just the motivation I need.

For those not aware, Kids Clothes Week is a challenge to spend one hour each day for seven days sewing clothes for kids.  Even I can handle one hour per day (or at least I should be able to handle it… some days even an hour seems impossible).  The theme of this season’s Kids Clothes Week (this challenge happens four times a year) is wild things.  I didn’t really stick to the theme yesterday, but the babies I was dressing are pretty wild in and of themselves, so I’m counting it.  🙂

Anyway, the first day of the challenge was a success!  I made two pairs of baby pants.  And fortunately, I have two willing models to show them off.  I used the Made by Rae Just Hatched Leggings pattern.  I was looking for a basic knit pants pattern and this fit the bill.  Plus it was free!

First up, some basic grey pants.


I made this pair exactly as the pattern was written, with ribbed cuffs and an elastic waist.  The fabric was just fabric I had in my stash.

Then a green pair with white cuffs.  The fabric for this one was also from my stash.


For this pair, I decided to try to use ribbing for the waistband, rather than an elastic waist.  I wanted to do this just because I thought the pants looked a little odd with just white cuffs – I wanted to bring more white into the outfit.

Unfortunately, though, I didn’t cut the waistband ribbing small enough, so the pants aren’t very snug around the waist.  I think I’ll take off the waistband and try again, because I do really like the look of the ribbing at the waist.  Maybe I’ll just put some elastic into the ribbing to cinch it up a little tighter (and take some fabric off of the top part of the pants since I didn’t factor the extra length of the ribbing into the pattern itself).

Overall, I really liked the pattern – it was a super quick make (especially with my serger).  I think I’ll make more pairs in the future, with some small tweaks to the pattern.  Namely, I will make the legs wider so that they are more like pants and less like leggings.  I will also play around with having the ribbed waistband.

And these pants were basically free – free pattern and fabric from my stash.  It doesn’t get much better than free clothes!